Een monument verduurzamen doe je zo! Naamloze pagina

Verduurzaming Rijksmonument
Westhaven 34, 2801 PK Gouda
Short stay

We rent out one appartement, see for more info and availability airbnb

Tickets for public transport and admission to tourist attractions
Free concerts at 100 meter distance Sunday afternoon at 14.00 hours see (only in summer)
Best cakes in town 100 meter, Bakkerij van Dijk,   
Supermarket for fresh bread and anything you like. Albert Heijn
Bike rental 300 meter. 12,50 euro per day. Nieuwenhaven 147. .
Bike tours, set your google navigator on cycling and hit the road for Schoonhoven, Oudewater or Kinderdijk. Organized tours 
Walking. A real pleasure are the hikes from the dutch railways. You walk from trainstation to trainstation. I could not find the English site but you will understand (or we can help you) .

Cinema 800 meter, Not all films are english spoken so check the site.
Renting a boat 3,5 km. You do not need a sailing licence. The lakes are nice. The rental is quite popular so make a reservation in time.
Go for a run or walk from home (9  km or 20 km or 26 km. The 26 km can also be split into two equal parts. You can take the bus from Oudewater back to Gouda. Google navigator will help you
Sauna. We have a Sauna at 200 meter distance
Best place
Best value
Take away chinees 
Close by (opposite the street)
Details about parking and TV